Joanne Mattice - Simply Stitches

Simply Stitches by J and R is a mother and daughter team from St. Catharines, Ontario.


It all started when Joanne wanted to teach her home-schooled teenage daughter, Rebecca, about entrepreneurship, and decided the most effective way was to start a small business, offering hand-stitched greeting cards. 


Together, they chose a company name, stitched cards and frames, packaged and priced the items and sold them at artisan craft shows.  It was an incredible learning experience for both.


Then Rebecca started high school, and her involvement in the business diminished, only stitching some bookmarks and gift tags.

Joanne, a graduate of Floral Design from Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario, discovered she loved embroidering on paper, and two years later she is selling her greeting cards, and frames in three stores. 


Together, they still participate in a few craft shows.


See what Joanne has in stock at AllSorts.

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