Virginia Wilson Toccalino

Virginia Wilson Toccalino specializes in techniques that were mastered by the Venetians and held as closely guarded secrets for centuries. Working as a team with her husband Tony, she has developed her art to incorporate various types of simple and complex glass canes as the decorative medium on her forms.  What follows are linear and threadlike patterns that dance and sway on shimmering works, captivating the imagination and stimulating wonder in the viewer.


“Nature’s colors and shapes whisper softly into my pieces. Patterns of creation subtly inform my work. My rods of glass have been compared to strands of DNA, the building blocks of life itself.  I find it fitting to use them exclusively in my works that are molded by my experiences and inspired by my dreams.”


Virginia’s glass has been exhibited widely in both juried and invitation only exhibitions within Canada and  the United States. She is represented in private and public collections throughout North America and abroad.

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