AllSorts Gallery Membership Information

AllSorts Gallery is incorporated under the Ontario Co-operative Corporations Act. Members equally own and control the Co-op. AllSorts Gallery is managed by a Board of Directors elected from members of the Co-op.


AllSorts Gallery, located in the Ottawa Street BIA at 181 Ottawa Street North in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada provides a venue for Hamilton and area artists to display and sell their work. As a group we work to increase awareness and appreciation of the arts in our community.


AllSorts Gallery has a deep respect for all who create and strives to showcase excellence in all media forms for the buying public. When selecting members, the jury looks for design excellence, quality, workmanship and originality. The sales potential of the artwork is also a consideration. We are looking for those who excel in their chosen media and create work that is original, well-conceived, expertly- executed without technical faults, and shows an identity of design. 

Membership Requirements and Benefits

There are three types of membership at AllSorts Gallery:

  1. Owning Members
  2. Working Members
  3. Associate Members

Most membership requirements are common to all three groups. However, some requirements and benefits differ and will be explained below. 


All members, regardless of category:

  1. All artists must hold Canadian citizenship or Landed Immigrant status in Canada and be legally able to work in Canada.
  2. All work for sale must be designed and handcrafted by the artist. Items made from commercial kits, plans or patterns are not allowed. Ready-made components are acceptable only where their importance is subordinate to the skill and design contributed by the maker and where their use is clearly appropriate to the nature and design of the work. Articles made from molds are acceptable only where the mold is the design and product of the artist or craftsperson or where the mold is evidently subordinate to the maker’s creativity. Copyright laws must be adhered to in all work.
  3. All artists will have their work juried by the Jury Committee. Artists may sell only those items that are of the same ilk as the ones presented for jurying. Where the artist applying works in a variety of categories and/or mediums, the Jury Committee reserves the right to decide which, if any, of these styles will be accepted. Any existing member wishing to introduce new types of products will need to have them approved by the Jury Committee first.
  4. All members agree to sell their work either directly themselves or consign to other galleries and shops at no less that the price it is listed for at AllSorts Gallery. 
  5. From the fees and commissions, the Co-op will pay for expenses associated with operating the Co-op: rent, basic display fixtures, advertising, packing materials, office supplies, credit card fees, etc. Members requiring special display fixtures for their work may be required to supply these and this would be subject to the approval of the Display Committee.
  6. Members are responsible for delivering and picking up their work at the gallery. They are also responsible for keeping their displays fresh by regularly updating them with new products and removing products that aren’t selling.
  7. All members must agree and adhere to AllSorts Gallery’s Guidelines and Policies.
  8. Upon acceptance, all members enter a “probationary period” for up to three months during which time their work is assessed for salability at AllSorts Gallery. During the probationary period, the Co-op will retain a 40% commission on all sales generated from the gallery including referrals or orders. The artists' percentage of sales is 60%.
  9. All Members will have a year-round permanent space in the shop to display and sell their work.
  10. If a member chooses to leave the co-op, they have 30 days to remove their products, after which time any unclaimed work will become the property of AllSorts Gallery. 

Owning Members:

  1. After successful completion of the probationary period, Owning Members are required to purchase a membership share of $500.
  2. As a full Owning Member, the commission rate moves to 25%, and the artist’s percentage is 75%.
  3. Owning Members have a vote in Co-op business and are eligible for profit sharing.
  4. Commensurate with the lower commission rate, Owning Members are expected to participate in the operation of the Co-op by working in the store and serving on the Board or other committees. The target is approximately two days per month* for staffing the store. 

Working Members:

  1. After successful completion of the probationary period, the commission rate for Working Members moves to 30%, and the artists' percentage is 70%.
  2. Commensurate with the lower commission rate, Working Members are expected to participate in the operation of the Co-op by working in the store. The target is approximately two days per month* for staffing the store. Working members are also welcome to serve on other committees.
  3. Working Members do not have voting rights in the Co-op and are not eligible for profit sharing.

Associate Members:

  1. When the Associate applicant completes the probationary period the Gallery will determine if there are sufficient sales to warrant offering them a membership.
  2. The co-op retains a 40% commission on all Associate Members’ sales at the Gallery. The artist’s percentage of sales is 60%.
  3. Associates do not have voting rights in the Co-op and are not eligible for profit sharing. 

* subject to change, depending on membership numbers


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AllSorts Gallery


181 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton, Ontario L8H 3Z4

Phone: 905-393-7381

Hours: Sunday: Noon to 5:00 p.m. | Monday to Wednesday, Saturday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. | Thursday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.